Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things I'm Thankful for Today

Sunroof Weather:  One of my favorite things about my car is the sunroof.  But when you live in North Carolina, using it (or even leaving the shade open) in the summer is out of the question.  It finally decided to cool down a bit this week (70’s instead of 90’s- yay!) and I can drive around with the windows down and sunroof open.  It’s heaven.  It makes running errands and the daily commute to and from work pleasurable :)
Starbucks:  I admit it, I’m a Starbucks snob.  I’ve tried other places but no one can beat Starbucks lattes.  I only treat myself once in a while, so I don’t feel guilty about shelling out $5 for one coffee.  Today is definitely a Starbucks day :)
Super Target:  I’ve always been a Target lover, but it wasn’t until recently I realized how cheap grocery shopping there can be.  And they have a fabulous organic selection, which makes me even happier.
Good Friends: Today we’re having dinner with friends we haven’t seen in a while.  I’ve been friends with this guy since elementary school and it’s crazy to see how we’ve all grown and changed.  He’s been married for a few years now to an awesome girl and they had a baby in January (coolest baby ever, btw).  We’re all busy with work and our families, so it’s nice to find the time to catch up.
College Football:  I love football.  Absolutely love it.  NFL is okay, but to me, nothing beats college.  There’s a purity to it (or at least there’s supposed to be, minus a few recent NCAA investigations).  I set aside time every Saturday in the fall for some football.  Today is the start of conference play and  you never know what’s going to happen in the Big 10.  Go Bucks! :)
Beautiful Weather + Good Friends: A good friend of mine suggested we take advantage of beautiful parks and trails in the area this fall.  Tomorrow we start with one of my favorites- a beautiful trail around a lake.  Harrier and Boyd will be joining us for a good workout!

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  1. I love the stark contrast between your and my views of football Saturdays.