Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Noise

Remember when I said the noise Boyd makes when he sees another dog was almost indescribable?  It turns out, it's completely indescribable.  My friend, Rachel, and I took the pups to the park today for a nice long walk around the lake.  Unfortunately, since the weather is so beautiful, everyone else had the exact same idea.

When we saw the first of many dogs, I attempted to hide Boyd behind a bush, hoping he wouldn't notice.  He did.  His head perked up and he proceeded to run through the bush (not around), wailing.  

"What's he doing?!" Rachel exclaimed.

The noise has been described to her before, both in person and via my blog.  Apparently I didn't do it justice.  

"He sounds like a dying, squealing pig."

Aw, poor Boyd, he kind of did.  And he's a 70 pound pit-mix, which means he should sound more like an intimidating beast, rather than a dying farm animal.

This trend continued for another 45 minutes and several more dogs.  Some owners found it amusing, some gave me dirty looks, and some avoided eye contact at all.  By the end, my hand was raw from holding him back and Harrier was getting progressively more impatient with his baby brother.  He'd stop, turn around, sigh, and give a look that said, "can we move it along?"

Couldn't agree more, Harrier.

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