Monday, October 11, 2010

Shop Till You Drop

Men are notorious for hating shopping.  JD is no different (unless it’s for bike parts, which he usually does online).  When I do drag him out, he finds ways to entertain himself that are both amusing and annoying.
Grocery shopping with him is like going with a toddler- he wanders off when I’m not looking, he puts random things in the cart that weren’t on the list, and he whines and begs for junk food until I get tired of telling him “no.”
When we first moved into our apartment, our living room furniture consisted of a futon and recliner that someone else had left in the barracks.  I was desperate for something clean, something that was ours, and something that was comfortable.  When we saw a commercial for a local furniture store that was running a no interest/no payments for a year deal, we couldn’t pass it up.
JD’s favorite way to describe his design aesthetic is “rustic,” probably because that’s the only design term he knows- and it just sounds manly.  Anything that he likes is automatically “rustic.”  I like to describe his taste as “bachelor pad.”  If he had designed our place himself, it would have looked like a mountain cabin decorated by a fraternity guy in the 70’s.  He actually found a denim (yes, I said denim) couch that he thought would be perfect.
JD: Look at that sweet couch!
Me: It’s hideous.
JD: You don’t like anything I like!
Me: Because what you like is ugly.
We finally found something we both really liked, but there were quite a few battles before we got there.  
Yesterday, we went clothes shopping because his only pair of work pants now has a hole in it.  I've tried explaining multiple times that work clothes can be considered a "need," but the thought never crossed his mind that wearing the same pair of pants to work every day is not the most professional choice, probably because he's too busy searching for bike parts online.  (Side note: He leaves for work when I'm still asleep, so I didn't notice the pants issue until he pointed it out to me).   He only found 2 pairs of pants in the first store, so I dragged him into another one.  He was busy pouting when he came across a "sweet" Spiderman  hat...

I friggin love my husband. He’s so special.

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