Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off to the Races

Well, JD is gone tonight and tomorrow for a track day in Virginia.  What does this mean?  It means Virginia International Raceway opened up the track to amateur riders/racers and JD found another potential way to injure himself.

I've never seen him get as excited as he does for track days- not even about dinosaur chicken nuggets.  He spent the past few weeks talking about it constantly, and this morning he woke up before his alarm went off at 5:25.  It didn't matter that he still had 12 hours of work ahead of him before he could leave, he was already wired. 

I've been told repeatedly by JD and other riders that riding on the track is actually safer than on the street.  I can see what they mean- no cars to run you over, there's soft spots to land if you go off the track, no potholes to worry about, and generally not much you can run into unless you hit another rider.  Still, as his wife, I can't help but worry.  What if he runs off the track?  One if he lays his bike down and another rider runs over him?  What if he crashes and does a lot of damage to the bike (Hey- it's a legitimate thing to worry about.  His bike isn't cheap and insurance doesn't cover track days).  

No doubt that much of tomorrow's work day will be spent contemplating these scenarios and waiting for phone calls/texts assuring me that he (and his bike) are in one piece.

But the good news is, if he does hurt himself again, I'll have more blog-worthy material :)


  1. I think you're justified in worrying. With his odd history, there's no telling what kind of weird injury he may sustain.

  2. Track day! Track day! Track day!

    Sorry I couldn't read the whole post i got to excited when you reminded me I get to go fast :D

  3. I hope he has fun. And doesn't get too hurt!

  4. Thanks for the support everyone :) It was a safe and successful day!