Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogs I Love

I've actually been thinking about doing a post about my favorites blogs for the past few days.  Then my loving sister went and beat me to it with a post about her favorite blogs.  (I forgive you for stealing my idea, by the way).
Anyway, if you're looking for some fresh reading, here are some blogs I can't get enough of, including my favorite post from each of them....
Prose Therapy  My loving sister's blog.  As she points out when she tagged me, we are very much opposites, but I love that she’s so different from me.  She’s cynical, sarcastic, witty, and a very gifted writer (and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister).  This is also a great read if you've ever worked in food service.
Crossing the Thin Blue Line  This is JD's blog where he shares his inside view of what life is like in the academy.  He only has time to post about once a week, but it's still great to get his perspective.
Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time... Entertaining tales from a military wife as she tries to take care of 2 kids while her husband is in Korea for a year.  There are moments where I can totally relate to her relationship with her husband, and moments when my heart breaks for her and all the things she's going through.
Favorite Post: You've Been Owned
Confessions of a Grad School Bride  She’s juggling studying for her masters, a fiancé that lives 2 states away, and planning her wedding!  For those of you who love wedding planning, she often shares her ideas and asks for input on her attire, accessories, décor, etc.  Another reason I enjoy her blog is because she's living in Chicago, and the Midwest reminds me of home :)
Favorite Post: shoes, shoes, OMG, shoes
the bitchy waiter  If you’re looking for something LOL funny, this blog is for you- ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry.  Not all of his posts are about waiter-ing, but they're equally hilarious.

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