Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Word of Advice

A word of advice to anyone taking on the police academy: Get married first.  JD and I often wonder how the single recruits do it without the emotional and physical support of a spouse.  Last night is the perfect example…
The recruits have finally earned the right to wear uniforms instead of suits (yay!), but that meant we had to prep his uniforms last night.  It’s the police academy, so you can’t just iron your shirt and call it a night, you have to thoroughly examine the entire uniform for imperfections.  With a pair of cuticle scissors and nail clippers, we inspected seams and clipped every stray thread on 7 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, and a jacket. It took a couple hours and was not fun.
After that, I quizzed JD.  As a special surprise yesterday, the instructors gave the recruits 25 new 10 codes that they were expected to learn overnight.  Luckily, JD is very good at memorizing and perfected the new 10 codes in under 30 minutes.

By the time we finished all of this, it was 11pm, (the only time we had spent not working on police stuff was the 15 minutes that we spent eating dinner), and realizing how much longer it would have taken without my help made me wonder how the single recruits do it.   Even with my help, JD's only real down time is on the weekends, and he still only has an evening he can spare.  The rest of his time is spent studying.

On second thought, maybe getting married isn't the best idea since you have no time to spend with your spouse (prepping uniforms together doesn't count).  

At the very least, hire an assistant.

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