Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dog Who Eats Everything

I seem to be a magnet for pets with really quirky traits.

Growing up, we had 2 different cats who liked to bite us for no reason.  One even lurked behind corners so he could lunge and nip at your ankles as you walked by.  This same cat was also lactose intolerant (I mean, really?  Aren't cats supposed to love milk?!).  In college, I had a 10 cent goldfish that lived for 5 years, surviving numerous car trips to and from school, and the time the boys downstairs tried to feed him a hot tamale candy.  I've had several dogs since childhood, none of which have enjoyed the car.  In fact, they all pretty much hated it.  One even got motion sick and had to be sedated for trips.

JD and I discovered our latest pet quirk while trying to break Sadie of eating out of Harrier's bowl.  Poor Harrier has always been a grazer.  He'll eat throughout the day as he feels like it, but now that Sadie is in the house, he has to eat as soon as we put down the food, otherwise it may not be there when he comes back.  He rarely finishes his whole bowl, so there's usually a bit leftover... until Sadie sneaks over when we're in the next room.

I can't really blame her- I mean, if I'd been hit by a car and spent part of my young life living (and starving) in a bush, I'd probably eat as much as I could find too.  Still, she gets her fair share of food, and we need to find a way to break this habit.  Unfortunately, she seems to enjoy all the things people normally use to deter dogs.

Of course our first thought was to use Bitter Apple, since that worked when she was whining in the middle of the night.  The only problem is that she's seemed to acquire a taste for it; the last time I tried to use it after she chewed a baseboard, she started licking the wall as if it was a delicious treat.  JD and I immediately knew we were in trouble.

So, we decided that Tabasco might make a bigger impact, and put a bit on her tongue the next time she ate out of Harrier's bowl.  We watched in amazement as she licked her lips (do dogs have lips?) delightfully.  Our next attempt was to set up a "bait bowl" while Harrier was outside, using some food covered in my stepdad's homemade super-hot sauce (sorry R, it was a last resort, but I assure you this was the only time it wasn't used for human consumption).  Not only did she finish the food, SHE LICKED THE BOWL CLEAN.  Same when we tried cayenne pepper.  Wtf?!  Does this dog not have taste buds?  

So, we're fresh out of ideas.  The dog apparently eats everything, and hot sauce only seems to make Harrier's food more appealing.  

We welcome any suggestions :)

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