Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Grass Is Always Greener...

Every year, I go through the same cycle.  I go home to Ohio sometime in the summer, enjoy the warm sunny days and cool evenings, remember how much I miss my family, and think, I could move home; it’s nice here.

Then winter comes, and something like this happens 

and my mom sends a text to say that it’s -9 or something ridiculous like that, and I remember why I moved here in the first place.  And, sorry to all you Midwesterners who are currently dealing with the crazy blizzard, but it’s going to be almost 70 here tomorrow.

True, our winters aren’t perfect.  We get a bit of snow and ice each year- it’s not 60 and sunny all the time or anything, but unlike Ohio, I don’t ever have to feel my own breath freezing to my nostrils.  For those of you who haven't experienced it- yes, it actually happens, and it's definitely NOT fun.

To me, NC weather is perfect.  True, the people around here go a little crazy when it snows (or really when the temps dip below freezing in general), but I've experienced enough nostril freezing to know that the climate here is just lovely.  

Only a few more weeks till I expect to be driving around with my windows down.  Don't be jealous :)

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