Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

Attention grumpy holiday travelers: If you’re choosing to fly (and yes, it is a choice), then you should also realize that you may be subjecting yourself to unpleasant security screenings.  The same people who are crying about the “invasive” security checks would probably also be the first people crying if the government didn’t do enough to prevent another terrorist attack.  (I do admit that there are some cases where the screenings have crossed the line, but that is not the majority.)  Do I want to get publicly groped at the airport?  Of course not.  Would I choose that over getting my plane hijacked?  Definitely.

Attention children of NC: It doesn’t make you cool to wait at the bus without a coat, especially when you’re standing there shivering like an idiot.  The other day I passed a kid at the bus stop who was wearing a sweatshirt that was (based on the way he was blowing into his hands) clearly not keeping him warm.  This is NC, not the equator.  Buy a coat… or at least some gloves. 

Attention college football announcers:  When a player grabs another player’s facemask and whips them around by their head, it’s not “oh, that might have been a penalty,” it’s “whoa, they definitely missed a blatant penalty there.”  Just sayin’

Attention insurance company: If you needed 2 pieces of additional information for my form, why did you send it back the first time only asking for 1 and then send it back a second time asking for the other?  Should I assume you will be sending it back a 3rd time asking for additional information that wasn’t requested on the original form?  Let’s save everyone some time and postage and print out a form that includes fields for ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION.  Thanks.

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  1. When I went to China I had to stand on a platform and be groped by their metal detector, and when I went to London I squirmed as an old lady patted me down during a random search. In the first case I was halfway across the world in a place that doesn't mess around with security/foreigners, and in the latter case I was in a place that had been attacked less than a year prior. I was not inclined then to say a damn word about it, and I don't think anyone should be here either just because we're in Amurrica.

    Also, I laugh at the notion anyone would shiver while standing outside at a place where the temperature hardly drops below 50.