Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I’ve Learned Over the Past Few Days

 If you don’t have time to hand out Halloween candy and resort to putting a bowl of candy on the porch, a sign that says “We’re watching you” will prevent kids from taking everything in the bowl.

Knowing how to clutch-start your car will come in handy- yet another reason stick shifts are awesome.

Painting a small room is actually a bigger pain than a large room (careful, that wall behind you is probably not dry yet).

Posting a political opinion on Facebook- even when it’s nonpartisan- will always, ALWAYS trigger a long argument.

A little bit of landscaping will go a long way to making your house more presentable.

Inviting the dogs in bed in the morning will keep them quiet and happy- no more waking up to a wet snout in the face.

Kids + Halloween Costumes = Baby Fever

You can fall in love with a favorite song all over again.

No one gives advice like Mom.  No one.

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