Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unofficially Official

JD signed his conditional offer of employment for the police department yesterday.  This means he will start police academy on January 3rd.  

I'm feeling a lot of things right now: Relief that the waiting is almost over.  Joy because I know this will make him happy.  Fear that 6 months of the academy will be extremely stressful for both of us.  Preemptive loneliness for the months that he will work night shifts.  Excitement to see him in uniform every day :)

Mostly, I feel proud.  I'm proud of him for pursuing something he's passionate about, even though it won't be easy.  For choosing a path that requires extreme bravery, strength, and integrity. 

Love you, babe.  Congrats.


  1. Good for JD and for you. It's such a noble profession, and in this time, it's great that he did find something that he will have a passion for.