Monday, November 8, 2010

That's Different

JD is the king of double standards.  His favorite phrase seems to be, “that’s different,” as in:
JD: So are you gonna ask for a new iPod for Christmas?
Me: *Disgusted exhale* When you lost your iPod, we just bought you a new one, you didn’t have to wait for a holiday or birthday.
JD: That’s different.
He always says it with a smile on his face because I’ve caught him in the double-standard.  He still thinks his charm will get him out of things.  Newsflash: That doesn’t work when you’re married.
Anyway, I bring this up because we had a major double standard moment last week at the gym.  I was on the elliptical and he was on the treadmill behind me.  A woman got on the treadmill next to him (changing the subject for a minute, I would just like to say that I HATE when there are a zillion machines open and someone gets on the one right next to you... especially when that person happens to smell).  Anyway, I heard a female ask him if he’d ever seen Fight Club (the movie he was watching on his machine) before.  There was a brief conversation about it, then that was that.
I asked him later if he knew the women.  He did not.  I smiled.  “I think she was trying to hit on you.  Who interrupts someone’s workout to ask if they’ve seen Fight Club?”
JD smiled, though he tried to hide it.  “I know.  I kinda liked it.”
Hold up.  Remember the incident with my geographically-challenged friend?  Um, yeah.  Apparently men aren’t supposed to come within a 10 foot radius of me, but women can hit on him all day.
Luckily for JD, I’m a patient person and can ignore that injustice.  I can ignore it because I trust him and because that woman’s pickup skills were lacking anyway.  I mean, who hasn't seen Fight Club?  C'mon lady, get it together.
Besides, you've got nothin' on me...

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