Saturday, November 13, 2010


On Thursday morning, JD was out on a motorcycle ride in the country when he decided to pull over and take a rest.  It was there he found a scared, injured puppy hiding in a bush.  She had no collar or tags and was limping.  Since he was on the bike, he couldn't take her with him, so he decided to call Animal Control to come pick her up and take her to a vet.  This is how I know JD will be an amazing father (and one of the many reasons I love him).  He acts tough, but he has a big heart, and he couldn't bear to leave her all alone.  So he wrapped her in his motorcycle jacket and sat with her for an hour, comforting her, while they waited for Animal Control.  She was very happy to be rescued, and spent the hour cuddling with JD.  He and I (after he told me the story and sent me her picture) were already in love and knew we had to do as much as we could for her.

When Animal Control showed up, JD gave the man his name and cell number so we could get updated on her condition.  Meanwhile, he and I discussed a name for her and decided on Sadie- doesn't she look like a Sadie?!  The shelter called him a bit later to report she has a broken foot, strained leg, road rash, and some broken blood vessels in her eye.  The rule is that they keep her on a 3 day hold to make sure no one claims her (which we don't think will happen since she had no tags), then we are given the option to foster or adopt her, if we're interested.  There was no question, we had to foster her, at the very least.  It was like she had chosen us- what are the chances someone would have found her in the bush in the middle of nowhere if JD hadn't chosen to stop there?

Last night JD and I went to the other side of the city... in rush hour traffic.... to visit her.  This is how smitten we are already.  She's a very affectionate pup and loved having visitors, and although she likes me, it's very clear she remembers who her rescuer is :)  When JD picked her up, she clung to him blissfully.

Once her fostering period is up, we are still given the option to adopt her.  We already have 2 big boys at home, and I think a 3rd would be a little much, but I don't think we could handle returning her to the shelter after all she's been through.  My mom and stepdad have been wanting a dog, and Sadie seems like a good fit for them (plus we'd still get to see her!) but if that doesn't work out, it looks like we're opening up a dog farm :)


  1. Well, SOMEBODY in the family needs to adopt her - I want a niece (or little sister)!

  2. OMG what a cutie she is! You guys will end up keeping her & starting your dog farm! LOL
    What a sweet story! She really is a beautiful dong!