Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Betty Crocker

We volunteered to host our very first Thanksgiving this year, which terrifies me to no end. I've never cooked for more than 8 people at once, and the final headcount for our joyous feast will be 20.

Panic has set in.  First of all, I'm not completely sure our little home can hold 20 people.  We have enough dinner seating for 10 and will have to get creative with some card tables, floor seating, and/or patio furniture for the other 10.  

Also, I hate to cook, despite the efforts I've made to convince myself otherwise.  I've never made a turkey in my life, and the idea of sticking my hand in a animal carcass to remove its insides grosses me out (I think you all learned from my previous post that I'm not a fan of dead animals).  Luckily, JD's grandma has stepped in and offered to make a turkey the day before our dinner, so I can get away with making a ham instead.

I would much, much rather pay someone to make everything, pour myself a glass of wine, and call it a day.    I actually looked into this, but even ordering a turkey or ham by itself from Honeybaked Ham is really expensive.

So, I will cook... by myself... because JD is working till 7pm.  In my head, I will be fully prepared when our guests arrive for dinner.  I will be welcoming, happy, dinner will all be timed perfectly, everything will be delicious, there will be plenty for everyone, I won't have missed JD's help at all and I'll win a prize for the Best Thanksgiving Ever (okay, now I'm starting to sound a little like Monica from Friends).

In reality, I know I will be hot, sweaty, cranky, certain things will have gotten cold, we won't have enough of everything for everyone, and by the time JD gets home, I will hate him for leaving me all day to provide for our family while I slave away on the meal I volunteered to make in the first place.

I apologize in advance to our families.


  1. Take a breath. Stop psyching yourself out. You are going to be FINE, everything will be delicious :)

  2. Let's face it: you ARE Monica from Friends.

  3. "I have an uncontrollable need to please people!"