Tuesday, November 9, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

1. My family calls me "Fer."
2. I keep a list of airports I've flown in/out of and try to visit a new airport each time I fly if possible.
3. Pool drains terrify me- they have ever since I was little.  I still swim around them and refuse to step on or near them.
4. If I had to choose the greatest invention of all time, it would be a toss up between Post-Its, Tampons, and Rolling Luggage.
5. One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that it's not your job or where you're living or any material things that are going to make you happy. It's the people. Value the loving, loyal people in your life.
6. I don't believe in regret. Absolutely every experience in life has taught me something and helped shape who I am.
7. Every time I watch the Sex and the City movie, I cry because it reminds me of my best friends from college, who I miss more than anything.
8. I think water chestnuts are the worst food... ever.  I know they don't taste like anything, but I still avoid any Chinese place that uses them.
9. I don’t really have a favorite color.  It depends on my mood that day.
10. I miss high school cheerleading and Gamma Phi Beta every day. I wish I could have brought them with me into adult-hood.
11. I hate when people touch my pinky toes- not my feet, and not my other toes, just my pinkies.
12. JD’s parents came with us on our first date.  I may have to fully explain this on in a future post…
13. I was once told that I have "really big lips for a white girl."
14. I believe in soul mates. But I also believe they come in many forms other than romantic relationships- parents, siblings, and best friends. And I think you can have more than one.
15. I still miss the car I drove in college- an ’85 Diesel Jetta.
16. I once got asked to dinner by a woman in a laundromat. I said no.
17. I friggin' love toast.  I eat a LOT of it.
18. When I was little, I tried out to play the girl in "Three Men and a Little Lady."
19. I ran from the police once. Senior prank night- I escaped :)
20. I have a running contest with my co-workers over who can pee the most times in one work day.  We’re all tied at 8.
21. I'm a shoe girl. I love my shoes.  Like, if our house caught on fire I’d probably try to save my shoes. 
22. I only had 3 wisdom teeth, which (according to my dentist) makes me "genetically superior."
23. I have killed 2 bamboo plants, which is very hard considering they're such a low maintenance plant (that will be a supreme letdown for my mom, who has a degree in horticulture).
24. I almost floated out to sea once on a raft.  Luckily, I was paying attention.
25. I truly believe the purpose of life is to love.

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