Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Husband, The 5 Year Old... Part 2

JD craves instant gratification, especially when it comes to presents.  

He gets a certain look on his face when he’s trying to hold something in- whether he’s dying to share a surprise with me, or we’re in the middle of a serious conversation and he’s trying to hold back a sarcastic comment.  

We were at the dinner table last night when The Look crossed his face.  He pursed his lips in an effort to suppress a smile.

“Can I give your Christmas present to you now?” he asked excitedly as he face broke into a grin.

“No!” I protested.  “You have to wait till Christmas.”

He started to say something else but I interrupted.

“And no giving me any hints either.  I want to be surprised.”

His face dropped.

JD had just gone shopping for me earlier in the day, but the thought of waiting 4.5 days to see me open my gifts was almost unbearable.  

Of course his lack of patience applies to receiving presents too.  When JD called the other day to tell me that our Kinect had arrived, I said “Great!  Let’s skip going to the movies and stay home and play Kinect instead,” not realizing that JD couldn’t wait that long to try it out.  I came home to him playing by himself in the middle of the living room.

“You couldn’t even wait till I got home so we could try it together?!” I exclaimed.

“Noooo,” he replied guiltily.

Sigh.  Why have kids when I already have JD?

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  1. LOL...Chris shakes all his presents and tries to guess what they are...he has been trying to talk me into letting him open them for at least 2 weeks. Emma and Caroline have a lot more patience!