Monday, December 6, 2010

Cancer the Crab

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I like to give JD a hard time.  He makes it so easy with his love of dangerous activities, expensive hobbies, and dino nugs (speaking of this, they were out of them at the store this weekend and we almost didn’t buy any at all because the regular-shaped chicken nuggets “just aren’t the same”).  

What I sometimes fail to mention is, I’m not always the easiest person to live with, either.  I’m a Cancer, and we’re moody by nature.  I can go from bouncing off the walls to wanting to hide in bed and not talk to anyone over hunger, sleep deprivation, or something as small as JD leaving shoes sitting out in the living room (I swear I’m not a raging psycho, just a bit moody).  

Poor JD accepts this flaw with unwavering patience.  It’s a rare, rare moment when he gives me a hard time about getting worked up over something stupid.

I was in a bad mood pretty much all weekend.  I blame it on Sadie’s whining and my resulting sleep deprivation.  After dealing with my moodiness all weekend, he still wanted to cuddle up next to me when we were falling asleep last night.  “Will it keep you awake if I wrap my arm around you?”

“Yes,” I practically snapped.  Then I said more softly, “I love you but I’m really, really tired and I just want to fall asleep.”

Oh Jenny.  What woman turns down CUDDLING?  Isn’t it well-known that men generally don’t like to cuddle?  And here I am, with a wonderful husband who just wants to be close to me.  

I sent him a text this morning, “Sorry I’m not always easy to live with.  I know I was crabby this weekend.  Love you :-*”

What he should have said is that I need to stop letting outside stressors affect how I treat him.  Instead his reply was, “It’s okay babe.  I have bad days too.  Doesn’t make me love you any less :-*”

Just one of the many reasons I married him.


  1. What woman turns down cuddling? Um... THIS ONE. But you know I hate that. I know, I'm weird :)

  2. Okay, maybe I should have said, what NORMAL woman turns down cuddling? ;-)

  3. You and David are so perfect together! I'm glad you found him!