Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yesterday, our Christmas present from JD's parents arrived in the mail- a Kinect for the xbox 360.  They also included a dance game, since I love to dance so much.  The Kinect has a sensor that can read your movements, so the dance game gives you a series of moves to do and scores you based on how well you match the move, your timing to the music, etc. 

Thanks to my dance background, I picked up on the game much faster than JD.  Actually, I dominated him.  

I should stop to mention 2 things about JD: 1. He's extremely competitive.  2.  He doesn't like to dance.  I think you can see where this is going.

It only took me one attempt to try and master the first song.  I turned to JD and said, "I can't wait to unlock the harder levels!"  Looking back, I might as well have said, "Hahaha, you can't beat me."

I know him well enough to know that after seeing how well I did, he was determined to do better than me.  He selected his song and did pretty well on the first few moves, but once they started throwing in some more difficult stuff, he started losing points.

"I'm doing what they're showing me on the screen!" he announced defensively.

"The sensor picks up on even the smallest movements, babe.  You can't just move your hands... see how they're showing you to move your body to the side a bit?"


"Here, maybe this well help," I walked in front of him and did it a few times.  At first it seemed to be helping, then it just seemed to be a distraction.  I let him finish the song himself, or try to finish the song.  He gave up about halfway through.

"I need to practice this when you're not around," he said as he exited the game.

"Why, because it bothers you that I'm better than you at it?"

"No," he smiled.

"So yes?" I shot back.


For what it's worth, he beat me in all the sports games.

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