Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kind Of A Big Deal

I’m officially losing patience with the NC attitude towards snow.  We’ll see a few flurries here and there, but as a general rule we only see accumulation once every winter.  By 6pm the night before a “snowstorm,” every school in the county has already closed for the following day, and the grocery stores are completely out of bread, milk, and eggs.

I get it, they’re not used to it here.  The county has approximately 2 (maybe even 3) snow plows, so it’s really hard to keep the roads clear.  Plus, NC driving is horrendous enough without adding a "weather event" to the mix.  Still, there’s no need for widespread panic.

Mostly, I'm tired of hearing about it and talking about it.  I mean, I saw it with my own eyes and it wasn't a huge deal.  It had completely melted by noon, yet it was still inescapable- on TV, on the radio, at work, at the gym... so done with it.

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  1. I'm more irritated with the fact that they canceled school today (Friday) than yesterday. The roads were fine, even at 6am. Quit being lazy, get in the car and go to work and school! (That's me yelling at NC residents, not you) :-)