Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Man of Many Trades

Not only has JD gone through several injuries during our time together, he’s gone through a wide range of life plans as well.  

Over the past 2 ½ years, he’s wanted to be a park ranger, a bicycle tech, open his own skatepark, re-enlist in the Marine Corps, re-enlist in the Army, backpack the Appalachian Trail for a few months, be a firefighter, be a counselor at an action sports camp, be a motorcycle mechanic, and probably a few others I’ve forgotten.  He has ADD, he’s afraid of making the wrong choice, and, most of all, he likes driving his wife crazy.

His current (and hopefully final) endeavor is to be a police officer.  Applying to work as a policeman is a lot different than most other jobs.  There’s a physical test, a written essay, a lie detector test (wish I could have been in the room for that one!), a psych evaluation, an extensive background check, and a couple intereviews (and I thought simply going through 2 rounds of interviews were rough).

He’s pretty far along in the process now, and his chances are looking good.  I think this will be a great fit for him, and I think he’ll be amazing at it.

More than anything, I just want him to be happy (well, happy but preferably not halfway around the world).  Every day, I pray that he will be hired and this career path will make him happy.  As much as I love the weekly telephone call to “spring a new and brilliant life plan on my wife while she’s at work,” I think it’s about time we move on from that.

People ask me if I worry about the danger of being a police officer.  Besides the fact that I’m married to JD and worrying about danger is a part of my daily routine, I don’t really worry about it as much as I thought.  Maybe that will change if he starts coming home with stories about shootouts and high-speed chases, but JD’s strength and smarts will keep him safe.  He survived a war zone, and I have faith that he can survive this too.

.......assuming he doesn’t come up with a new plan before then.

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