Friday, September 24, 2010

Conversations With My Marine Husband

JD had gotten out of the Marine Corps and moved home to be with me, but he still ached for “The Suck”.  In the spring of 2010, he decided to join the Reserves and spend a few days working with a unit on base each month.  He called me when filling out the paperwork:

JD: I need to know how you want your money if I die?

Me: Huh?

JD: I’m filling out beneficiary stuff.  If I die, do you want a lump sum or payments?

Me: Well, I’d rather you not die at all.

JD: That’s not an option.

Okay then.  JD has often joked about his fear of getting old and how he’s trying to kill himself by 35.  Joking about it is one thing, but this was reality smacking me in the face.

I get the impression from a lot of people- based on things they say or the way they look at me- that they think I should be asking JD to give up his activities.  I understand that these people are really only concerned for my well-being, but the truth is that I could never do that.   I won’t try to pretend his lifestyle doesn’t scare me (I have nightmares about it) but JD loved dangerous activities long before we met.  It’s part of who he is and part of his charm.  

Due to scheduling conflicts, he has since left the Reserves. Not that he doesn't have plenty of other dangerous activities to keep him occupied :)

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