Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kneecaps Aren't Supposed To Do That

JD and I had only been dating a couple of months.  It was a beautiful spring day and he had taken leave to watch his brother and sister while his parents attended a funeral.  Base was over 2 hours away and I only got to see him every few weeks, so I was selfishly excited (of course, not about the funeral part).  He was coaching his little brother’s soccer practice and was going to call me after so I could come over.  The phone rang earlier than I expected.  I was elated and answered with a cheerful, “Hey!”
I was greeted with a wail so loud, I had to hold the phone away from my ear, “AAARRRGGHHH!!!!”
I seriously thought he was dying.  Stabbed, shot, I didn’t know.  Weird things happen at kids’ sporting events.  I panicked and yelled into the phone, “Are you okay?! Oh my god!  What happened?!”
Between wails, I got a “My knee.  Kicked the ball.  Something tore. Ambulance coming.  Meet me at hospital.”
A few minutes later, I was on my way to the hospital when I received another call from him.  Preparing for more wailing, I received a totally chill, “Hey babe.  Sorry for ruining our weekend.”
Yep, they had him on the good drugs.
Then, “I need you to swing by the school to pick up my Mustang.”
Ah, the priorities of a 20-something male.  Thinking his Mustang would be safe in the elementary school parking lot of one of the safest suburbs in America, I decided going straight to the hospital would be fine.
When I got there, his eyes were dilated and he was licking his lips.  “They taste so good!” he said, laughing.  I definitely liked Morphine JD better than death wail JD.
After a bit of waiting, the doctor came in with his X-Ray results.  Let’s just say, we were underwhelmed by his professionalism. “Um, was your kneecap broken in half BEFORE today?”
WTF kind of question is that?!  What did he expect us to say?  “Oh sorry, we forgot to mention it.”
No, moron, his kneecap was not broken in half.... but apparently it is now.  
It was a complication of a prior knee surgery.  A one in a million complication.  Only JD could pull something like this off.  It took another surgery and a few metal screws to fix it.
The plans for our weekend together had changed drastically.  Instead of hanging out with him while he watched the kids all weekend, I suddenly found myself volunteering to take 2 days off work to take care of all 3 of them.  
And this was only the beginning.

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