Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making the Cut

JD and I have recently gotten into a show on Discovery Channel called “Making the Cut.”  It’s about elite branches of the military and the training they’re required to pass in order to make it in.  So far, we’ve seen Army Ranger School, US Air Force Pararescue, US Marine Recon, and Special Forces Combat Divers.
I consider myself relatively strong for a girl, but the things these guys do are beyond extreme.   I'd probably last 7 minutes (8 on a good day) before I got yelled at, started crying, or both.  Their training usually involves 2 things I’m terrified of- night ops (I'll admit it, I'm still afraid of the dark) and some sort of near drowning experience.
Um, no thanks.
At one point, JD was considering Recon, but his first knee injury stopped him.  Not surprisingly, Recon is extremely dangerous and involves doing things like gathering intelligence behind enemy lines.
This is one of the many things that I can appreciate about JD, but will probably never fully understand.  Why would you enjoy being miserable?  Why would you volunteer to put your life at risk every day?  Besides the typical answers- he loves his country, he wants to give back, he likes the challenge, etc, I think he just flat out thrives in that kind of atmosphere- misery, danger- in a way most people can’t grasp.

I think we all have a calling in life- something we were born to do.  Sometimes it's a job, sometimes volunteer work, and sometimes it's simply raising a family.  JD was meant to do the jobs that a lot of people don’t want or are afraid of because he is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.  
He also needs to feel passionate about his career.  He needs to feel pride when he answers the question, “What do you do for a living?”  Most of all, he needs to feel like he’s making an impact.  
And hopefully, stay alive and healthy while doing it.  Please.

Because being in a war zone isn't dangerous enough... JD decides humvee snowboarding is an excellent idea.