Friday, September 17, 2010

My Inspiration

Let’s get one thing straight.  I have no business starting a blog.
I don’t have the wit and eloquence of Kelly, nor the colorful stories of the bitchy waiter.  My life is boring.  I work for a big company doing boring stuff that I happen to love.  I’m married.  We have a house in the suburbs complete with a fence and 2 dogs.  Then, it hit me.  What I DO have is a husband who is the joy in my day, and also happens to be the subject of the best anecdotes I have to share.

JD (that’s what we’ll call my hubby) is an adrenaline junkie.  As a former Marine, he’s been searching for something that fulfills that “life on the edge” thrill of being deployed in a combat zone ever since he got out in August ’08. 
His two favorite hobbies are riding his BMX bike and riding his motorcycle.  In the Marine Corps, he was a firefighter.  These days, he’s applying to be a police officer, and aspires to one day join the S.W.A.T. team… because, ya know, being a police officer isn’t dangerous enough on its own.
In the 2 ½ years I’ve known and loved him, he’s had a major knee reconstructive surgery, a concussion, smashed his face into the cement and nearly bit through his lip (he still has a lumpy scar to this day), dislocated his thumb, sprained his wrist, sprained his ankle, cracked his elbow and I’m sure a few more things I’ve managed to forget.  We’ve been to the ER once, Urgent Care at least 3 times, seen a concussion specialist, an orthopedist, and of course made several visits to his general care physician, who could probably retire by now based on JD’s business alone. 
Anyone who knows me would probably not have guessed this would be the man I would end up with.  Still, he’s my absolute best friend and my other half.  I often say we balance each other out because he pushes me outside my comfort zone and I keep him (somewhat) grounded.
And, as he recently reminded me, “Your life was boring before you met me.”


  1. Who says you have no business starting a blog? You can write too, you know.

    But if you start one of those god-awful "Mommy blogs" when you have kids I will not read it. In that case you can just call me to tell me about every time the children poop.

  2. I agree with Bagel Fairy, you definitely have business blogging since JD Definitely keeps your life busy! LOL I'm glad to see you have joined us in the world of blogging although I have not been blogging much lately!
    I am looking forward to being a part of your blog! Thanks for the invite!