Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drop and Give Me 141

If we learned anything from running together, it's that JD and I do not make great exercise buddies.  Yet, he somehow talked me into doing one of their academy workouts with him yesterday.

It's called PT Poker.  He dealt out six poker hands, we rotated between 5 exercises, and the card drawn represented the number of reps you had to do for each exercise.  

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.  In fact, 2 of the exercises were easy for me (air squats and flutter kicks).  But the other 3 exercises involved some form of pushup, since JD picked the exercises and he can do a million of them without any problems.  I can do a decent number of pushups, but let's not forget that I'm not the one in the police academy here.  There's a reason for that.  

I think it was the third round when he mysteriously drew another face card for pushups (4 count pushups, which means you're really doing twice as many as the card tells you) that I accused him of stacking the deck.  

"You can do this!" he said excitedly.  "You just have to have the right mindset!"

I gave him my best cheesy cheerleader spirit fingers.

"See?  It's fun!" he said, bouncing around.

I grumbled as I got down in the pushup position.  I made it about a third of the way through before I stopped.

"C'mon, don't stop!" he practically ordered, falling into the police officer mindset.

"I can't do any more," I said.

"Sure you can; just get your mind in the right place."

I contemplated slapping him, then realized that may be considered assaulting a police officer.

This continued for the final 3 rounds.  I told him I couldn't do any more, and he told me that I just had to change my mindset.

Right mindset or not, my body is not happy with me today.  At about 7am, I was half awake and tried to move my arms so I could roll over.  Nothing happened.  Hmmm, well that's not okay, I thought.

I sent every ounce of strength I could find into moving my arms.  After quite a bit of struggling, I managed to roll over to my other side.  I faced a similar struggle later when trying to get out of bed.  Everything today has been a challenge- even pouring a bowl of cereal.

When I shared this with JD, I figured he would take that as a sign that he'd pushed me too hard.  He simply said, "Nah, it's good for you."

Lesson learned.  No more police academy workouts with JD.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Julie and I went for a jog yesterday. I kept pushing her to keep jogging when clearly she was done. She was not happy with me.

  2. It's not assaulting a police officer since he's not officially a police officer yet. It's just domestic violence.

    Oh, and I say next time you go to be workout buddies you should whip out all the crazy stretches and Pilates and see how much he likes it when you try to be all *motivating*.

  3. He tried yoga once, but he's too ADHD to ever do it again (or maybe it's too hard for him and he's afraid to admit it).