Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

There’s nothing quite like life’s guilty pleasures.  Here are a few of my most recent obsessions:
*Microwave popcorn:  I’ve been eating a ton of it lately, and not just any microwave popcorn- movie theater butter.  And because it’s so salty, it needs to be followed with something sweet.  Even better!
*HGTV:  I feel old, but I friggin’ love HGTV.  I’m desperate to get on Curb Appeal, but they’re only looking for people in San Francisco :(  I’m obsessed… shows about buying houses, selling houses, staging houses, remodeling houses.  I can’t explain it.  I own a home, but it’s not like I watch these shows and get super good ideas.  I’m not that handy.  But I do watch the shows and think, Can they come to MY house and do that?
*Sex and the City: With things so stressful during of the academy, I spend a lot of my alone time curled up in bed with the pups, getting lost in one of the seasons.  This is my happy place.  This is the thing I do for myself, to recharge, and to think of something besides work and the academy.  
*Fuggs: I refuse to spend money on real Uggs, and luckily there a lot of knockoffs to choose from these days.  My current obsession is the cable knit pair I got at Old Navy for $30.  They look exactly like a pair of real Uggs I’d been eyeing for a while.  True, they’re kind of goofy-looking and I feel like I’m wearing slippers to work, but they are SO warm and cozy that it’s worth it.
*Ke$ha: I used to hate her songs, especially because they’re so overplayed.  Then, one day, JD did a little dance to one of her tunes while we were in the car, and ever since then, I actually enjoy listening to some of her stuff.  It reminds me of my super-masculine husband bouncing around singing in a high-pitched voice.  Good times.

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