Friday, March 15, 2013

Here We Go Again

This past summer, JD switched gyms.  He went from your basic, strip mall, cardio equipment + weights gym to a gym that offers classes and training in both boxing and MMA (MMA, for those of you unfamiliar, stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a brutal combat sport that includes various forms of martial arts).  In the beginning, he was pretty much just taking the boxing class, but he eventually started training with the MMA coach, and I knew what was coming next.  It's JD.  It was inevitable.

He is now interested in taking on a real, legitimate, let's get in a cage and beat a stranger senseless until someone gets knocked out or we run out of rounds, fight.  Naturally, as his wife and the mother of his newborn, I'm not super excited about this.   I was there when he broke his kneecap in half.  I was there when he busted his face open on the cement.  I was there when he and his motorcycle did a front flip into a ditch.  I was there when a crash landing while wake boarding resulted in a concussion.  The difference is that it's not just me anymore.  I would hate for him to get injured and for it affect his ability to care for the baby.  But, as a friend recently pointed out, telling JD no will only make him want it more, so better just to go with it and hope for the best.  From his day job chasing down gang members to hobbies that include flipping on a bike and racing a motorcycle, it really is inevitable that JD will always be in harm's way.

I have no doubt that he can do this.  Once JD decides something, he's determined to make it happen.  It's the kind of mindset that allows him to wake up one morning and decide he wants to learn to do a back flip on his bike, then go out and master it that very day.   I also have no doubt he will be good at this.  He has the warrior mindset of a former Marine turned cop who volunteered to go to war.

Still, I'd prefer that he just select different hobbies.  Competitive chess maybe?  Or coin collecting?  I would be much more on board with something like that.

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