Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Bitch Punched My Husband In The Face

When JD called me, he was hyped up and breathless as he quickly told me he'd gotten in an altercation (attacked, really) at a domestic disturbance call.  He was on his way to the hospital to get checked out for a possible concussion. I asked if he wanted me to meet him, but he assured me there were other officers with him and I should stay home with the baby. It was one of those conversations that didn't really sink in till we were off the phone and I'd had a few minutes to process. I looked over at our beautiful baby sleeping next to me and got angry. My husband is a good, honest man who is just trying to serve his city and resolve conflict. He has a baby at home who needs him. Neither he nor his family deserves to suffer because he is trying to do his job.

The story is this.... He responded to a domestic dispute where a mother was kicking her daughter out of the house. JD was the first on scene and entered the residence before his check-in arrives (they don't ride with partners in his department but, depending on the call, they have other officers who check in with them).

I believe he talked to the mother first then went outside to talk to the daughter. The daughter was shouting and he was trying to get her to stop. She got pissed and punched him in the face.  As if that wasn't bad enough, she was holding a bejeweled hard cover cell phone. As he's trying to cuff the daughter, her brother comes out of the apartment and jumps on JD from behind. So, two against one in a surprise, come-from-behind attack.  Luckily, some neighbors stepped in to help JD out.  Fast forward several hours... JD is discharged from the hospital with a mild concussion, a black eye, and a cut on his face.  Both the daughter and her brother are charged with felony assault of a police officer.

In the grand scheme of things that could happen to him at work, this wasn't a huge deal.  JD was back at work for his next scheduled shift a few days later.  But it does seem like we have a wake up call every few months.  Whether it's a fight with a suspect or someone tries to pull a weapon on him, it's enough to keep JD on his toes and remind me that I need to be thankful every day that he comes home safely.  Now it's not just me.  I'm thankful on my daughter's behalf as well.

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