Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Everyone has their own holiday traditions and routines.  My family always spent Thanksgiving at a cabin.  JD’s family always opens 1 present on Christmas Eve- a pair of Christmas pajama’s that they wear to bed that night.  I have a feeling that there will be nothing traditional about my holidays with JD.  How can you have a family tradition when you may or may not be together?

Of course, my office is closed for 4 day weekends on both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but JD is scheduled to work both of those weekends.  As long as we get to celebrate together at some point, it doesn’t really bother me (especially since he gets paid extra for working holidays), but it does seem like a waste for me to have that time off and not be able to spend it with him. *Sigh

Looking at the bright side, he was able to get time off in mid-December so we can go home to Ohio and at the end of January so we can visit his family in Michigan.  We’ll have plenty of time to visit both of our families, which is a huge relief.  Plus, the idea of cozying up at home over the holidays, not having to deal with holiday traffic, canceled flights, or 14 hour detours with a sick dog, is extremely appealing.  Maybe THAT can be my tradition :)

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