Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trip!

This weekend is Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to for me to go home to Ohio!  I leave tonight, and will be doing something I haven’t done in a long time- drive it by myself!  I have an arsenal of healthy snacks, music, and Friends audio (that’s right, I’m so obsessed with the show that I can simply listen to the audio and picture what’s going on in my head) to keep me entertained for the 8 hour trip.  So, if you happen to be driving down I-77 tonight and pass a girl who is LOL to herself or singing at the top of her lungs, it’s probably me :)

The last time I made the trip by myself was 2 Christmases ago, when JD had to work.  With all the presents I had to transport, I decided to drive rather than fly, plus it gave me the opportunity to bring Boyd, who my family hadn’t met yet.  I wouldn’t say it was a mistake, but it was an adventure for sure.  Boyd threw up in the car 20 minutes into the trip, so I had to pull over and shove Benadryl down this throat in an attempt to make him groggy enough to sleep.  Every 4 hours I had to stop, and struggle to give him the pills, and get drooled on, but it calmed him down enough to get him through the trip.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, I was also trying to avoid a major snow storm going through the area.  I went the long way home in an attempt to miss the storm, and a trip that usually takes 8 hours took me 14.  I think it was hour 11 that I almost started crying, but I stopped for coffee, put in a Ludacris CD to cheer me up, and continued on my way.

I’m hoping that this trip will not be nearly as long, or nearly as adventurous.  I’m not taking any of the dogs (although JD begged me not to leave him home alone with all 3 of them), and, as far as I know, there are no snowstorms to worry about, although it is a bit cold for this time of year.

My weekend schedule is already full of friends and family.  Tomorrow, one of my best friends from college is driving all the way from South Bend to hang out, or at least she’s supposed to be- her baby is sick… either way, it’s the thought that counts :)  That’s a long way to go for an afternoon!  Tomorrow night I will be seeing one of my high school friends and meeting her beautiful baby.

Saturday morning I’ll wake up and go to the local farmer’s market with my mom and stepdad, and be jealous of all the fresh veggies and flowers I can’t buy (well, I could, but that would be  a pain to transport home), then I’ll be spending the afternoon and evening with my mom and stepdad doing something TBD once our survey results are tallied.

Sunday will, of course, be spent with my mom, and I plan to make her dinner, although I’m not sure what I’m making yet :)

It’s still a little sad and strange that I can’t always do things and go places with JD because of his work schedule, but that’s just part of being married to someone in law enforcement.  We’ll miss each other this weekend, but sometimes it’s nice to spend some quality time with my family on my own.  Hopefully he can enjoy hanging out with his friends and riding his motorcycle, although I’m sure I’ll get a lot of “I’m bored” texts, which he sends a lot of while I’m gone :)


  1. Anywhere you go around here seems like an 8 hour trip. How did it go? I would love to drive back and see my family, I just can't sit in a car for 12 hours! As fun as road trips are, my bottom does not appreciate them apparently.