Friday, November 11, 2011

The Land of the Free

It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a police wife, but my sacrifice doesn’t even compare to the sacrifice of the men and women who work to protect our country every day.  Nor does it compare to the sacrifice of the families that support them.  I may sleep alone sometimes, and  I may go to social events without JD, but I will never have to be without him for a full year.  I will never have to spend a year watching our children grow and change without him.  I’m humbled by the bravery and self-sacrifice it takes to serve our country.

Today is a day to thank those who have served and those who are still serving.  We are so, so lucky to live as freely and safely as we do, but  I think that’s often overshadowed by our complaints about the economy, politicians, or Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest.

I have clean water, plenty of food, and the freedom to leave my house without fear of violence.  We take for granted the things that so many others are lacking.  I have my husband to thank for that.  I have friends to thank for that.  I have the families who are left behind so their loved ones can protect our country to thank for that.

Whether you support the wars, the politics, and the intentions of our leaders or not, you have to remember that the intent of our troops is pure.  They step up to serve their country, protect their loved ones, and help those who are unable to protect themselves. 

That is why we celebrate them today.  Thanks for all you do.

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