Monday, April 4, 2011

My Masterpiece

I gave JD credit for the transformation in the downstairs bathroom, but I will give myself credit for the transformation in the kitchen (minus the floors, which we had installed professionally).  Eventually we'd like to refinish the cabinets and counters, but we're happy with it for now.  It's a pretty huge improvement, don't you think?!

Before: Rockin' 80's light fixtures and the hated wallpaper border.

Semi-after: New lighting fixtures... but the border is still there :)

Before:  Linoleum- yuck.

Before shot of the breakfast nook.

After: Goodbye wallpaper border!!  Hello cheery green, updated floors, and a fun pop of red.


  1. There is nothing worse then boarder wallpaper, and it's a paint to get off, too. Congratulations on your new kitchen- it looks great. Now all ya need is some stainless steel and you've got yourself a dream kitchen :)