Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Yesterday JD and I took a photography class from one of his friends, who is a professional photographer and offered some of the guys in his motorcycle group a free class.  He gave a very informative presentation, and then we went around and took some pictures around the campus.  I don't claim that any of these pictures are really good.  Remember, we're still learning!  Yesterday was about experimenting...

Posing inside the sphere.  This is an example of a bad picture- too much sunlight.

JD likes this picture because he says I have attitude.  I really just wasn't paying attention.

This is our "instructor" showing me the proper modeling techniques.

And voila.  Amateur to professional in 10 seconds.

Starting to get tired of getting of getting my picture taken.

Bright sunlight actually isn't the ideal light for taking pictures- you want some shadow and dimension!  Also, I'm super pasty, which doesn't help.

JD caught an awesome picture of this squirrel as we were walking around.

Now we're learning about shutter speed!  Blurry subject and sharp background.

Sharp subject and blurry background.

My turn! Another example of a not great picture.  My framing wasn't very good here- that random white box in the corner is a wall.

Got a great angle of the rainbow through the waterfall.

Enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

Pretty much the only picture I took that I really like.