Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things That Make Me Weird

I brush my teeth 3x a day… every day.  Which means I brush my teeth at work.

I only have one dimple.

I use an exercise ball as a desk chair.

I pronounce both with a “L”... like “bolth.”

I don’t like The Beetles.

When the office is really, cold, I use a Snuggie… and love it.

I honestly have no idea what weed smells like.

I think cars have feelings.

I really don't enjoy concerts.  Why pay all that money to deal with a large crowd and have crappy sound quality when I can enjoy my iPod instead?

I actually like my job.  

The only kind of seafood I like is salmon.

Brad Pitt is too good looking for my taste.  Imperfections are beautiful.

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