Friday, April 8, 2011


Re-posting because this is very relevant today... with this added thought.  I am IRATE that our senators and our president (when their childish stubbornness has caused this mess) STILL GET PAID during a shut down, whereas hardworking Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, and OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS, do not.  Our government is worthless.

Dear Political Candidates,

I don’t give a crap.  So please cancel your expensive ad campaigns and put that money towards something worthwhile.  We all know if you get elected you won’t get much done anyway.  You’ll waste your time arguing with your opposition, and since you all refuse to compromise, you’ll waste time talking instead of doing.

Why is it that you care so much about everyone else’s religion and sexual orientation?  In the grand scheme of things, why is it so important?  Why can’t you stand up, be the leaders you’re supposed to be, and say, “Those issues are personal and have nothing to do with the government, I’m going to focus on our most important issues- the war that’s been going on almost 10 years, our poor economy, our need for new, clean energy, and the fact that our people aren’t getting help from our government when they need it most.”

So get yourselves together because I’m sick of the finger pointing, I’m sick of the complaining, and I’m sick of nothing getting done (or at least, nothing significant).   Newsflash:  I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat.  You all suck.

You don’t deserve anyone’s vote.  You need to earn it, and you certainly haven’t earned mine.


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