Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

You have gone too far this time.

It was all fun and games that time I was home from college for the holidays and you decided to slam our area with an ice storm that left everyone without power over Christmas.  Although he nearly froze, my goldfish survived and I was able to manage without my car door handle, though you thought it would be funny to freeze it so it would snap off.

You tested my patience the time I was driving home from NC and you deviously placed a winter storm right over the mountainous part of my trip.  I tried to outsmart you by taking a detour, and was rewarded with a 14 hour trip instead of 8, plus a drooling, carsick dog who I had to sedate with Benadryl.

Then you decided to mess with my mom and stepdad by sending a storm when they were trying to make that same trip over the holidays a different year.  I’m sure you found it hilarious that they spent several treacherous hours in the mountains and then were greeted by a blanket of snow instead of our normally mild southern temperatures once they finally arrived.

Those incidents were nothing compared to what you had planned for this year.  Yes, you timed the storm perfectly, so that my mom and stepdad couldn’t make the trip down here today as originally planned.  Instead, they will have to postpone till tomorrow.

You, mother nature, are a raging bitch.

Under normal circumstances, a day isn’t a big deal, but you know that I haven’t seen my mom since July, meaning she hasn’t seen me since I’ve started to show and she hasn’t felt the baby kick or anything.  At 34 weeks pregnant, a day seems like an eternity.

I’m raising the white flag.  You win.  Let’s not keep doing this.

Tonight, I’m going to go home and enjoy some yummy pasta and a Friends marathon with my sister.  Tomorrow, my parents will arrive, and you are NOT going to spoil that- not again anyway.  You’ve done enough.  Let’s take it easy for a while.

Your Frienemy

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