Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Things I Will Miss About Pregnancy

Towards the end of pregnancy, most women are just ready to be DONE with it.  I’m not saying I won’t feel that way in the next month or so, but I have to admit that I’ve had an EXTREMELY easy pregnancy.  I’m definitely getting anxious to meet and hold little Loralai, but there are still some things about pregnancy I’ll miss (I can almost hear the collective groan of the women who spent a large chunk of pregnancy being miserable… sorry for being that girl).

1.     Getting away with stuff
No one judges a pregnant woman who loads an entire plate devoted solely to desserts at the holiday potluck.  No one questions the pregnant women for thinking the vacuum is broken because it won’t turn on, when really, it just wasn’t plugged in (yes, this actually happened).  Leaving in the middle of a party to take a nap is socially acceptable when you’re pregnant.  It’s not viewed as “unprofessional” if you get up in the midst of a work meeting to use the restroom.  It’s one of those times that your needs come before almost everyone else’s.  I’ve spent the first 29 years of my life trying to please others, and will spend the rest of my life putting the needs of my child before my own, so it was both enjoyable and freeing to have a time where it could be about me for a while.

2.     Maternity Pants
Admittedly, I was terrified of maternity pants in the beginning.  I mean, those waistbands are horrifying to look at.  I put off wearing maternity jeans for as long as possible, because I was afraid I’d feel frumpy.  When I finally got to the point where I just couldn’t procrastinate anymore, I grabbed a few pairs and bravely tried them on.  I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are.  Then, it hit me. Why aren’t ALL pants made with an elastic band?  It’s SO much more comfortable. 

3.     The blissful act of eating
Someone told me that food will never taste as good as it does when you’re pregnant.  I thought it was kind of a weird statement, because I’ve always enjoyed food.  Like so many things, you can’t really understand till you’ve experienced it (not just eating, but eating while pregnant).  It doesn’t take long to go from full to starving, and I would have random, uncontrollable cravings that would pop into my head and consume me until I got exactly what I wanted (as in, when I wanted an Oreo milkshake, it had to be an Oreo milkshake, not a chocolate or vanilla milkshake).  For these reasons, when I finally did eat or get that craving satisfied, it tasted SO much better than I could have imagined.  I remember a particularly intense craving for fried chicken one day at work which led to KFC for lunch.  I swear to you, I’ve never had such an amazing meal in my life.  Eating = heaven.  In fact, it was always a little sad to be full, because everything is so delicious, you just want to keep eating.

4.     Feeling her move
The moment you start feeling distinctive movements, is the moment that everything becomes very real.  Each movement seemed to deepen the sacred bond between us.  I know nothing will compare to being able to hold her in my arms and see her face every day, but I will miss those little movements in my belly.  I took it as her way of communicating with me- checking in, saying hello, and even signaling when she didn’t want that arm resting on my belly, because it was in her way (and yes, she really did kick me in the arm one day when I had it draped across my belly).

5.     Having her with me all the time
This one is easy to say now, because she’s pretty low maintenance in there- no crying, dirty diapers, or feeding required, but it’s still nice to know she’s always with me, no matter where I go or what I’m doing. 

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