Friday, July 6, 2012

I Have A Secret

For several weeks, I’ve been walking around with an awesome secret.  It’s actually the reason I’ve been MIA.  I wasn’t ready to share, but since it’s all that’s been on my mind, I couldn’t bring myself to post about anything else.

I’m pregnant!  Our little one is due to join the family on February 1st.

They say that pregnant women glow, and I certainly feel that way.  I can feel the excitement and the love glowing inside me.  I think even JD is glowing (maybe we’ll call that the “daddy glow”).  He’s a proud and protective papa already, almost immediately insisting that I get out of my “death trap” of a car and trade it in for a mom-mobile (aka Dodge Journey- they have GREAT safety features).

I’ve been feeling pretty well.  I had a bit of nausea in weeks 6-8 but I never got sick, so I’m thankful for that.  Actually, there was a period of time where all I could stomach was meat and milkshakes, so I guess I won’t be a vegetarian for the remainder of the pregnancy.  The baby is in control now, and whatever baby wants, baby gets.  Around week 6 I went on a rampage of chicken fingers and steak and I haven’t looked back since.  No one is more happy about this change than JD, who gets a devilish grin every time I eat meat.  I think he’s relieved to have a carnivore wife again, at least temporarily.

The past few weeks, my symptoms have been pretty non-existent and, of course, I’m not showing yet, so it was starting to feel less real.  Luckily, we had our first ultrasound yesterday, and we got to see our “peanut” for the first time.  We saw the flicker of the heartbeat and the small, developing arms, which were moving around a bit.  To see it on screen and know that this is our baby and it’s growing inside my belly was overwhelming.  I teared up, and I already can’t wait till the next appointment when we get to hear the heartbeat!

Our families and friends are beyond excited for us.  We already have several people who’ve asked to be on the babysitters list :)  JD’s grandma is already planning my baby shower and my mom has plans to do a Classic Pooh mural in our nursery.

As for the dogs, well, they’re in for quite a surprise.  We’ve seen them around kids before, so I can guess how they’ll react.  Harrier will be the protector, I’m sure.  I can see him guarding the baby’s room on the nights JD is working.  Boyd will be a gentle cuddle-bug, allowing the baby to pull his tail, poke his belly, or use him as a pillow.  Sadie….well, I think she’ll be a little pissy that she’ll be losing her status as center of the universe.  The transition will probably be harder for her than the rest, but once she gets used to it, the most we have to worry about is her licking the baby to death.

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