Thursday, July 12, 2012

Attention Ice Cream Lovers

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a major, life-altering announcement.

Graeter’s Ice Cream is now sold in Fresh Market grocery stores, and there happens to be a Fresh Market in the next town over.  This means that the handmade deliciousness can now be enjoyed outside of Ohio... like in NC, for example.  By me.  Every day.

This is probably the best news I’ve heard all year, and it’s made even better by the fact that I’m pregnant.  I mean, c’mon, pregnant women LOVE ice cream.

I have a friend to thank- he was actually the one who noticed it in the store and told me about it.  He and his wife were looking at the ice cream and when he saw the Graeter’s sitting there, he told her they had to try it since I’ve raved out it.

Yes, apparently I talk about this ice cream enough that my friends, who have never been to Ohio, recognize it.  For the record, they also agreed that it was amazing.

If you have a Fresh Market near you, I recommend that you go buy some Graeter’s.  Immediately.

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