Friday, December 30, 2011

Confession of an Ohioan turned Southerner

I have a confession to make.  I’m dying to see some snow.

Yes, I moved down here so I could enjoy milder winters and avoid harsh, icy, snowy, freezing conditions, but the truth is I still think snow is beautiful (at least for the first day or so till it starts to get slushy and brown), and I need to see it at least once a year to get my fix.  Also, I bought some snow boots and I need to justify the purchase :)

I was spoiled by last Christmas, when we actually got a snowstorm IN North Carolina, and enjoyed a long holiday weekend hibernating and waiting out the weather.  That’s why I fully expected to see snow when we were home celebrating Christmas with my family two weekends ago.  Alas, we saw flurries the first day we were there, but it wasn’t cold enough for it to accumulate.

Now, I’m hoping for snow when we visit JD’s family in Michigan at the end of January…. But not so much snow that we get stranded somewhere.  And not overly cold snow (as in, the nostril freezing kind).  Ideally, it would be just below freezing and we’d get snow the day after we arrived and it would melt by the time we left- enough snow that I could utilize my snow boots and feel like I got my fix. I hope the weather gods are reading this, because I fully expect them to accommodate ALL of MY wants.

I'll keep you posted.

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