Friday, December 16, 2011

‘Tis the Season

This will go down in the record books as the longest work week in history because I spent most of it in anticipation of tonight, when we will be leaving for Ohio.  I’m so, so excited to see my family, and to celebrate the holidays.  In honor of those things, I’m going to list some of my favorite things about Ohio (and the holidays!)

*My family (duh!): Because they love and support me unconditionally, because they make me laugh, and because JD thinks our endless list of inside jokes is extremely strange.

*Graeter’s Ice Cream: It’s local to Ohio so most of you probably haven’t had the honor of tasting it.  It’s homemade… and amazing- totally worth a trip to Ohio.

*Christmas shopping: I LOVE buying gifts for other people.  In fact, I find it harder to stay on budget when I’m shopping for other people than when I’m shopping for myself.  I just like finding things for people that I know will make them happy… and shows that I know who they are and what they like :)

*The Ohio River: When you cross the border into most states, all you really get is a sign that indicates you are crossing some invisible barrier, but when you cross into Ohio (from the south and part of the east at least), you cross the river.  There’s something that makes the border crossing extra-meaningful when there’s a visible indication of the state line.

*White Christmas (movie) and any Christmas music sung by Bing Crosby:  It’s what I grew up watching and listening to.  Bing Crosby reminds me so much of my grandpa (they even sound the same when they sing).

*Cincinnati Chili: Some people think it’s weird that we make chili with cinnamon and chocolate and put it on spaghetti.  Those people are wrong.  It’s delicious.

*Gift wrapping: I LOVE wrapping presents so much that I hand-make all my bows.  I’ve even offered to wrap presents for other people… for free.  In a recent Facebook conversation, my sister and I decided that I’m the pimp money present wrapper.  I think I found a new name for the blog…

*Wine: Especially delicious when enjoyed with your family in front of a warm fire.

*Big breakfasts: In NC, my breakfast is usually fruit and some granola, but when you’re home celebrating the holidays, breakfasts (my favorite meal of the day!) are usually large and over-indulgent.

And last but not least, I love that most of my list is bragging about how amazing Ohio is or how much I like to eat while I’m there.

Happy Holidays everyone :)

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