Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Verdict Is In

Last week, JD took his police state certification test.  He had done well on his tests throughout the academy, studied hard, and went into the exam with confidence.  But when he called me after he’d finished his test, I could immediately tell by his tone that he wasn’t happy.

In fact, no one in the academy was happy.  The exam was very different than the practice exam they had taken, and some of the multiple choice answers didn’t seem to align with what they’d learned.  JD says they’re trying to change the format of the state exam, and his group may have been the guinea pigs (just a guess).

I assured him that there were a few tests he’d taken that he was unsure of, but ended up doing really well on, and I was sure that he’d passed.  Still, it was an anxiety-filled weekend waiting to find out if he’s passed.

He called me around lunchtime on Monday.

“I passed,” he announced, and I could practically hear him grinning through the phone.

I was elated, I was relieved, but mostly I was proud, especially when I heard what his score ended up being.

92.  Highest in his class.

I think that people have a tendency to underestimate his intelligence.  People stereotype him because he doesn’t have a college degree and he was in the Marine Corps, but the truth is neither of those things disqualify you from being an intelligent person.  He may like dinosaur chicken nuggets and have ADD, but he's extremely smart.

JD now has his district and shift assignments; he got exactly what he was hoping for, which means he's working in the more dangerous part of the city.  In less than 2 weeks, our academy journey will be over but our journey as a law enforcement family will be just beginning.  I can sense some really good blog material in the near future :)

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