Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh No She Didn't!

Sadie is a brat.

I love her dearly, but it's true.  Her new favorite game is to steal whatever toy that Boyd is chewing on and run and hide under the bed with it.  

We have approximately 8 million toys lying around the house (I know, because I trip over them all the time), but she always seems to want the one Boyd has at that particular moment.

Boyd usually tries to chase her, but since he's twice her size, he can't fit under the bed to go after her.  One day, he actually got stuck there, and instead of panicking or whining, he waited patiently for me to find him.

When I finally walked into the bedroom, I saw nothing but his butt and tail sticking out from under the bed.

"Boyd?" I inquired.

His tail wagged.

"Are you stuck?"

More wagging.

I laughed as I lifted the corner of the bed to free him.  He gave me a grateful look before he trotted away.
They say pit bulls are vicious (Really?  THIS guy?  Vicious?!) 

but I think Sadie is the one to watch out for in our family (don't let the sweet face fool you).

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  1. I think she pulled a Jasmine on you. "Oh, look at meeeeee. I'm so sweet and quiet as long as you love me..."