Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Better When We're Together

This past weekend, Rachel and I were having a conversation about how I've changed since we first met. Not that I'm a completely different person- the things that make me “Jenny” are still there- but I've broadened my view of the world. A lot of that has to do with JD. I think, when you’re in a healthy relationship, you grow.  It made me think of the things he’s taught me and the things I’ve taught him….

What I’ve learned from JD
*Tattoos can be hot (unless you’re the skanky tattoo chick that Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with… I’m not one for celebrity gossip, but I’ll never get over that one- what a dirtbag).
*Sometimes, it's the “tough guys” that are surprisingly good to you and treat you the best.
*Procrastination can be a good thing. Work hard but play harder. In 20 years it won't matter how long those dishes sat in the sink (okay, I admit it, I’m still working on this one…)
*You don't have to say everything that comes to mind. It's ok to walk away from an argument.  You’ll discuss the issue more productively once you’ve calmed down anyway (I like to blurt things out at inappropriate times, like when we’re falling asleep).
*We could never repay our service men and women for all they've sacrificed for us.
*It's ok to want alone time.  You have to take care of yourself if you want to be a good partner.  (This also applies to having your own hobbies, interests, and group of friends.)

What JD has learned from me
*If you take time to make a decision (even just an extra 5 minutes), you will make a much more rational decision. Patience is an amazing tool.  (He doesn’t like this one, but he knows I’m right.)
*Grey's Anatomy and Glee are actually good shows (hopefully none of his academy buddies read that).
*Other people’s feelings and opinions are just as important as your own.
*You really do feel better when you eat healthy (minus the occasional dinosaur chicken nugget).
*Ludacris is a necessary addition to all road trips.  Old school is better, but any Luda will do.
*Ohio is an okay state after all (he doesn’t like this one either).
*They make safety equipment for a reason.  No one is invincible, and you’ll make a better partner when you’re healthy (not that he doesn’t still injure himself on a regular basis, but at least it’s better than it could be).

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