Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Just Don't Get

Remote controls for car stereos.  What car is so big that you can’t reach the stereo from the driver’s seat?
Co-workers who don’t answer emails… ever.  How are you still employed?!  And what is it that you do all day?
Customer Service reps who are rude to me.  Ummm, I’m YOUR PAYING customer; aren’t you supposed to kiss my a**?!
Why the cutest shoes have to hurt so bad.
How my office can be an igloo one day and a sauna the next.
People who drive their convertibles around with the windows down, but don’t bother to put the top down.  What a waste!
Why people assume that everyone out at the bar is single.  I may be married, but I still like to go out with my girls and dance.  On two separate occasions, a guy has hit on me and exclaimed, “What are you doing out?!” after I reply that I’m married.  My husband let me off my leash for the evening.  Get over it.
Why some of our most important workers (military, teachers, and public safety) aren’t paid more.


  1. I have a special hatred for car stereo remote controls.

  2. i keep my car stereo remote on top of the stereo...its really helpful...seriously...where else do you put it that isn't farther away than the actual radio? Maybe its for when Emma is older so she can change stations from the backseat?

  3. My children will never have control of the radio. House rules- driver gets to pick ;-) My remote sits on top of the stereo too. I've never used it. JD is obsessed with it though. He thinks it's the greatest thing ever and I'm still not really sure why...

  4. Love these.

    I agree with the shoes. It's why I mainly stick with my Sketchers.

  5. I agree with the rude customer representative. Nice blog!