Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Academy Update

JD's academy class is spending most of this month at the range doing shooting and driving techniques. Because these classes aren't taught by his usual instructors, the atmosphere is much more laid back.  He doesn't have written tests and homework like his other courses, so he's free to actually enjoy his evenings.  He's even been getting out of work early, and I don't just mean earlier than normal.  I mean like 3:30 in the afternoon early.  

We've been given the gift of time.

Last night we took advantage of the beautiful weather (mid 80's and sunny yesterday!) and went for a motorcycle ride, then grabbed dinner on the patio at our favorite local restaurant.  We sat, soaked up the warm spring air, laughed, and talked about things other than the police academy.   

Not that the past 3 months have been horrible, but they haven't been easy either.  The best way to sum up is to say that it's been a lot of work.  JD has the work of the academy.  I have the work around the house.  We both have the work of not neglecting each other when we're focused on so many other things.

He has a week and a half left at the range, then it's back to regular academy life. Back to long hours, lots of homework, unforgiving instructors, and stress.  There's no denying that the transition back will suck, but by then he'll be halfway done.  I can't wait to watch him get his badge.  I'm so proud of him already.

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