Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet 16

Tonight I'm doing something I very rarely do- watching basketball.

You see, I'm from Ohio.  I was raised on Ohio State Football.  Basketball was just the sport they used to get you through winter while you were waiting for football to come back.  Don't get me wrong, I'll watch pretty much any sport, but basketball just isn't my favorite.

It was quite a shock to move to NC, where they couldn't care less about football.  I'm in ACC territory now; this is a basketball state. They take the NCAA tournament (and their brackets) very seriously.

In an unusual turn of events, Ohio State is the #1 overall seed for this year's tournament, and if UNC and Ohio State both win tonight, we'll play each other in the next round.  I would love a chance to rub an Ohio State victory in the face of the UNC fans in the area (let's be honest, this chance may not present itself again... ever).

I would also like to share that I had to ask JD to sit down and watch the game with me.  Backwards, I know.  JD likes sports, but prefers action sports.  Pretty much, if there's not a huge risk of death, it's just not that interesting.

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  1. Well UNC did their part, at least to set up the regional final matchup. OSU didn't want to comply.