Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Nursery!

This week, JD and I went shopping for the rest of the baby items we need and washed and put everything away. So, I finally feel like the nursery is truly finished.

I am super happy with the way it turned out.  The room is so cozy to me- both JD and I can just sit in there for a while peacefully, not wanting to move (it also helps that our glider is ridiculously comfortable).

From the beginning, we knew that my mom was doing the Classic Pooh mural, so naturally, the rest of the nursery kind of centered around that.  When we were picking stuff out, we knew we wanted the mural to speak for itself.  We didn’t want a Pooh explosion, where everything from the bedding to the outlet covers were Pooh-themed.    

We stuck with earthy colors such as greens and browns to compliment the mural (with a few other pops of color here and there), and either solids or simple patterns like polka dots so that nothing was overpowering the mural.  

I think we struck a great balance- the room is soft but bright, subtle but colorful, and inviting but not kitschy.  Most importantly, there are loving touches from family members that really make it feel like everyone put their love into little Loralai’s haven.

 I am now 38 weeks and very much aware that she could come anytime in the next few weeks!

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