Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ordinary, Everyday Love

JD and I are pretty good at making time for date nights.  We know that we have to take advantage of the time we have before kids, when time alone will become more scarce and family outings will probably involve some sort of cartoon character.  Plus, with his weird work schedule, it makes us value the time we do have together even more.  Since he has this weekend off, and he also happens to be transitioning to night shift for the next four weeks, it seemed like we were due for a date night.

While we sometimes try to get creative (winery tour and tasting, ice skating, mini golf and arcade games), we usually opt for dinner, and maybe a movie if we’re feeling especially adventurous.  Even this weekend, I mentioned a comic that looked funny who would be at a local comedy club (mostly because I felt like I needed to suggest something other than dinner and a movie), but when I asked JD what he wanted to do, he said dinner and renting a few DVDs.

It may be clich√©, but it’s still my favorite date night.  JD is my best friend.  He’s the one I tell everything to.  He makes me laugh more than anyone I know.  There is no better way for us to connect than to enjoy each other’s company over dinner- without the distraction of cell phones, computers, TVs, cooking, cleanup, etc. (i.e. no better way to trap him into listening to my incessant babbling than by bribing him with a greasy burger and a beer).

I love that the romance in our relationship isn’t about roses and diamonds.  It’s about real, everyday stuff.  Companionship, sharing, listening, laughter, and being equals when it comes to the “I’ll get my butt off the couch and let the dogs out” kind of moments.

Last night we went out for greasy food and came home to watch Courageous (JD liked it, but had hoped for a few more action sequences) and The Help (just finished reading The Help, so had to watch the movie... for those of you who haven't read it, it's amazing, so you totally should).  As we were getting ready for bed, standing at the sink brushing our teeth, I was struck by how much I loved him and the life we have together.

Everything about the night had been so ordinary.  But we are happy.  Very happy.  And if you can find someone you can love through the good, bad, ugly AND ordinary, then you have it made.

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