Friday, February 3, 2012

My Facebook Pet Peeves

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Facebook, but there are a lot of things people do that really irritate me.  I feel like I need to get a few things off my chest....

Hashtags: Hashtags are a Twitter thing.  Yet somehow, they’ve started popping up all over my news feed in friends’ statuses.  Why?!  If you like updating your status and hash-tagging certain phrases, you belong on Twitter.  They mean nothing on Facebook.  #NOTHING

Complaining about privacy:  Here’s an idea, next time you want to keep something private, DON’T POST IT ON FACEBOOK.  Now, I know a lot of the complaints have to do with changes Facebook makes behind the scenes that affect the privacy settings we’ve set for ourselves, but that’s why I never post anything that I wouldn’t want to be public information anyway.  I don’t even have anything on there that I “hide” from people.  I assume everything I post may eventually be seen by strangers and non-friends.  Oh, and to all the people who are complaining that the new timeline feature allows people to see all your posts back to when you created your profile?  NEWSFLASH: That information has ALWAYS been there, it was just harder to get to before the most recent changes.  Don’t act like Facebook is digging up dirt from your history.  YOU POSTED IT.

Complaining about changes:  Does anyone else remember the ORIGINAL Facebook?  You know, before photos and statuses and likes? Remember when you could pretty much ONLY post on other people’s walls and join groups?  Yeah, that Facebook was BORING, and I’m pretty sure everyone would have moved on to something else (a better social networking site with more features perhaps?) if Facebook hadn’t been continually adding features and making changes all along.  Is it mildly annoying to have to re-learn how to use Facebook every few months?  Sure.  But we could all afford to exercise our brains once in a while.  Besides, once people get USED to the changes, I never hear anyone complaining anymore.  So don’t claim you don’t like the changes; you’re just being lazy and don’t want to learn the new features.  For the record, I LIKE timeline.  I think it’s a refreshing change… and it only took me a few minutes to learn about it.  There’s even a TUTORIAL.

Posting every mundane detail of your life: Also included in this- oversharing.  We’re probably all guilty of doing this once in a while, but there are some people who seem to make a career out of posting stupid crap on Facebook.  I don’t care about every little thing you ate today.  I don’t care to know where you’re at 24/7.  I don’t care how bad your menstrual cramps are.  People who post this kind of stuff are more than likely removed from my news feed.  Imagine that.  REMOVED FROM MY NEWS FEED.  But wait, this is a feature Facebook hasn’t always offered, is it?  They had to make a CHANGE to add it… and aren’t you glad they have it now?  Thought so!

So next time, think before you Facebook.  You never know who might remove you from their feed....


  1. Amen to all those. Although, with the first one, people often have it set up so that their posts show up on their Twitter AND Facebook feeds, hence the inappropriate hash tags. Although that could be thought of as an annoying issue in itself.

  2. Hmm, I had no idea! I guess that makes it a little better, but still annoying :)